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Flooding & Potential Traffic Disruptions

Glatton Parish Council would like to share information received by HDC regarding potential flooding and travel disruptions affecting the local area over the coming days. The e-mail below has been received from HDC and is shared for information/action as appropriate:

Dear Councillors,

Following a meeting of the Emergency Planning Tactical Co-Ordinating Group (TCG) I can provide a short additional update to the situation in Huntingdonshire. The TCG is convened to ensure full sharing of all intelligence between the emergency responders and ensures that all agencies are on standby in case of emergency. A major incident is not declared or anticipated in relation to the flooding.

The current river Ouse situation is shown below, should you wish to look at this link

• The maximum flow and level on the Ouse is expected in St Neots at 1:00-2:00am on Saturday morning, this is estimated to continue at this level for 4-6 hours and then gradually reduce over the next 4-6 days, at this time the flood defences are not expected to be breached but the Environment Agency is working closely on this and will update all partners should this situation change.

• The flow will reach a peak in Buckden a few hours after this and will reach Godmanchester as a peak flow around 10:00-11:00am on Saturday.

• The flow will reach a maximum in Hemmingford between 4-6 pm tomorrow and St Ives around 7pm.

• As the flow continues past Huntingdon towards and past St Ives there is no expectation of further flood warnings.

• After Saturday when the peak flow will last for an estimated 4-6 hours the levels will slowly reduce over the nest 4 to 6 days. This is a lengthy time due to the high volume.


Godmanchester – the town itself will be protected by the flood defences despite very high level but an area known as Berry Lane will experience localised impacts

Buckden – the Marina Area

Road Closures:

A number of road closures are in force and will impact travel within the southern part of the District. Details can be found here. Driving through the water is very hazardous and in some cases can cause additional household flooding so motorists are urged to take heed of these road closures.

Rail Travel:

Out of district there has been a land slide at Arlesey which is causing delays on rail traffic by up to 30 minutes. There is scheduled maintenance this weekend with a replacement rail coach service which may be impacted by the road closures so we suggest anyone travelling checks with the rail provider before attempting their journey. There are no flooding impacts on the rail network within Huntingdonshire and none are expected.

Partner Agency Status Remains Unchanged

• All emergency services have full cover and have had limited call outs relating to the weather or flooding conditions.

• National Highways have operational crews with equipment to attend to any incidents.

• Hinchingbrooke Hospital has full business continuity in place to ensure on-going site operation, albeit under pressure given the Junior Doctor’s Strike.

• All utilities have full standby staffing in place including Anglia Water and UK Power.

• County Highways are experiencing significant demand, please continue to raise concerns but the voluntary 4x4 and CVS are on active standby.

• Health are fully briefed regarding the residential homes in St Neots that are close to the flood zone area just in case action is required.

• Anglia Water are not anticipating any issues and the service within Huntingdonshire is working as it should, all contingency plans are in place with a fully operational incident room.

Due to the need to keep monitoring the impact and the escalated risk all partners have agreed to hold a Tactical Co-ordination Group meeting at 9:30 am tomorrow morning to ensure we remain prepared.

Council Actions

• The 24/7 CCTV team remain on standby

• St Neots Riverside and Huntingdon Riverside closed

• Initiated early flood barrier deployment at St Neots, thank you to the Environment Agency

• Additional communications linked to advice to prepare issued

• Additional local communication to the highlighted areas of concern to prepare for the maximum flow early tomorrow morning and during Saturday.

I would encourage you to email me with any known incidents of household flooding – particularly evacuation so that I can ensure the TCG is as briefed as it can be on the emerging impacts and to assist in planning any emergency response that may be required.

The district Council has extremely limited powers and consequently very few resources to deploy in relation to flooding over and above playing a coordination role. Put simply HDC is not in a position to provide protection for private properties in the event of flooding. However, coordination and communication remains key and we will do all we can to support in this area. Any requests for Voluntary support including 4x4 access can be fed via me into the TCG where response will be prioritised according to need and available resources. Thank you to those Councillors in Wistow, Broughton, Woodwalton, Offord and St Neots who have already done so.

If anything changes, please be reassured that all agencies are actively on standby and in close contact with the Environment Agency as the monitor the river levels ready to activate an emergency response if required. The flow chart remains attached above to assist residents with any issues as they arise. In the event of household flooding please ensure any residents are advised to contact their insurer at the earliest opportunity as they too will be under pressure given the nature of flooding elsewhere in the Country.


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