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Message from Cambridgeshire County Council - Policy on treatment of roadside weeds

Dear Parishes


In January 2024, the County Council’s Highways and Transport Committee resolved to undertake a consultation with town, parish, city, and district councils, relating to proposed changes to the policy for the management of weeds.


This consultation was carried out in March and April with responses gratefully received and analysed. 


Based on this consultation, a decision has been confirmed to change the County Council’s policy and we will now carry out planned chemical weed treatment two times a year (as a minimum) within built up areas in villages and towns inside the 40mph limits or below.


Six areas indicated that they did not wish to have chemical weed treatment applied in their areas and therefore the Council will engage with these parishes to agree the local approach and agree a pro-rata financial contribution.  


The first chemical weed treatment will commence week beginning 24th June with the programme published in due course.


A second chemical treatment will be undertaken in October and a further update will be provided at that point.


In the meantime, if you have any issues relating to weed growth these can be reported to the Green Infrastructure team on or report it by using the following link Cambridgeshire County Council - ReportIt


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