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Message from Cambridgeshire County Council - Volunteers for Fall Evaluation

The University of Manchester are currently conducting a fall prevention evaluation in Cambridgeshire on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. As part of the evaluation, we are looking to speak with people aged 55 years and older who have experienced a fall in the past 12-months and who live in the community to gain their experience of fall prevention services across Cambridgeshire.

These older adults can have varying levels of experience and engagement with fall prevention services and may have little to no engagement so far. If you work alongside any older adults in your role that you believe may fit these criteria and would like to provide the contact details of a member of the evaluation team, these can be found below. The conversation/interview will last no longer than 30 minutes and this can be held virtually, in-person or over the telephone based on the individual preference.

Participants will be provided with a £10 thank you voucher in return for their time.


Please contact Dr Jodi Ventre to express an interest via email: or telephone: 07785948367

Participant Evaluation Information
Download PDF • 191KB

Consent to further contact form
Download PDF • 58KB


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