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Support Services for over 65's

P3 Charitable help is a charity that supports Older People in the community offering free to help anyone over the age of 65.  The aim is to help those who do not realise that there is support that can be accessed for them.  We can visit them in the privacy of their own home or in a safe public space to discuss any needs that they may have, or things that they might be finding difficult to cope with, as many do not have the wider support of family or friends. 


Many people are put off by the long forms and confusing or repeated questions, and do not know how to complete the application forms finding it too complicated for things like:


Blue Badge Applications

Attendance Allowance

Personal Independent Payment

Aids and adaptations around the Home

Discretionary Grants


We also coordinate with the wider Council services to help set up carers to access their home, or coordinate an assessment visit from Occupational Therapy to have aids and adaptions installed around their home, i.e. grab rails, steps, perch stools, bed adaptations, the list goes on!  They just won’t know until we can talk to them about any concerns or issues or observe difficulties that they might not have been fully aware of.


We are running HUBS for the over 65’s to access in local Library’s, Church’s and Community Halls.  It is our aim to spread the word to as many over 65’s as we can, to give them the information to access our Free Services. 


I am holding HUBS in the local Libraries throughout Huntingdonshire.  More community places will be added as the word spreads out and we are contacted in due course!  Hopefully with your help 😊


For more information please visit


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