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Waste Minimisation

This post at the request of Chairman Glatton PC who has received a letter from the Waste Minimisation Officer at Huntingdonshire District Council

Ever thought of using worms to reduce waste?

The Waste Minimisation Team would like to invite you to our next waste minimisation meeting, where residents, schools representatives and volunteers will hear about current trends and activities, get the chance to express their thoughts and ideas and hear from our special guest: Lewis from Project Abundance

Wormeries, also known as vermicomposting systems, can be valuable tools for schools and community groups to reduce waste through efficient organic waste recycling. Not only can a wormery help with reducing waste in an organic manner, but it can also be a great educational opportunity and a hand-on learning experience.

The event will be on Wednesday 28th February, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm in the Civic Suite, Pathfinder House, St Mary's St, Huntingdon PE29 3TN.

Please RSVP to if you would like to attend, and feel free to invite relevant peers.


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