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Glatton Golf Society

Glatton’s golfers, along with friends of our village, have been playing annual golf competitions since 2008. We get together each Spring, to play our annual “Fun” competition, which was named “The Paddington Challenge”, reflecting the not too serious nature of the game! It’s a team game, usually a Texas Scramble. This has always been very popular with players since it usually allows the better layers to “carry” the not so good players, and because teams are deliberately of mixed abilities, everyone has a chance of winning the overall trophy (& prize)!

In the Autumn we play an individual game that some take a little more seriously than the Spring team game. Every game has prizes for the “longest drive” & “nearest the pins”.

Whether you take your golf seriously or not so seriously, the aim of the day is always to have fun. “Prizegiving” is usually held the evening of the game in the Addison Arms, but this is always optional.

Glatton Golf Society’s motto is, and always will be: “It’s only as serious as you want it to be”!

Competitions are advertised on the Glatton Village Facebook Page and on the Village Website, well in advance. Whether you’re a good, bad or ugly golfer, please do come and join us for our Spring and/or Autumn game. Everyone is made to feel very welcome.

Here is a gallery of past events. Sadly, some of our members are no longer with us but the memory of all their good shots (and bad) live on, as does the “not so good in hindsight” advice they offered at the time!!

Author Terry Brignall MBE

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