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Glatton Hall and Roundhill Farm

Circa 1990, Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) were considering potential sites across the county for both residential and leisure development. Areas adjacent to Glatton were amongst other areas county wide that were being considered. To inform their thinking they carried out a study entitled “Glatton Hall and Roundhills Farm 1991” - a Archaeological Assessment for Glatton Hall and Roundhills Farm, Glatton”. The report is an open source publication and it identifies the areas under consideration for potential development and also contains some very interesting historical facts about Glatton Village. The area outlined to the south of Glatton, encompassing a former Deer Park was being considered as a site for leisure facilities (golf course & fishing lake). The study was commissioned by the Archaeology Section of Cambs County Council at Shire Hall, Cambridge and is published here as part of our village’s history. In the event, CCC decided not to pursue development of any of the Glatton sites being considered

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