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Golden Jubilee 2002

At the beginning of 2002 a committee was set up to co-ordinate a  Glatton Golden Jubilee celebration consisting of Jo Mallinson (Chair), Annie Attewell (Secretary), Lynette Prain (Co-ordinator), Julie D’Villiers, Heather Mayston, Betty Tillson, Cathy Webster and Paul Williams.


It was agreed that the Jubilee celebrations would be held on the Holiday Monday, 3rd June and a programme of events was drawn up consisting of a Village Walk, an afternoon Fete and  Sports Spectacular, a Tea Party, Hog Roast, Classic Car Show, Fire Engine Display, Best Crown competition, a Treasure Hunt, various Side Shows ending with a Witch’s Cat being thrown from the church tower, followed by a BBQ and disco in the evening.  Jubilee mugs would be presented to all villagers.

In glorious weather the first walk, led by Ken Clarke, was across the fields to Stilton, and this was followed by a tour around the village, led by John Williams, giving a history of various houses, with a good turnout for both.


The afternoon events commenced in the grounds of the Glatton Hall Retirement Home with a Sports Spectacular. A surprise arrival to the fete was Stephen Hawkins who was visiting a relation staying in Glatton Hall.


Amongst the events were egg and spoon, three legged and sack racing, also an egg catching competition using raw eggs! As part of the ‘fete’ in the afternoon Kelly Farrington from Huntingdon came along to do face painting. Barry and Sandra Gilden roasted a hog, which John Williams carved. Heather Mayston , Mary Bennett, Doreen Perry, Audrey Knight, Olive Lawson and Judy Scorer provided a splendid afternoon tea with beautiful homemade cakes and biscuits with John and Pam McLelland providing strawberries and cream.
John Kirkpatrick  provided a History of Glatton Old and New display. A fire engine visited the Fete, organised by Andy Dunlop and Classic Cars were also on display.


There was a Treasure Hunt, won by Alanna Fairley and Best Crown competition, won by Eiréanné Hashmi. The prizes were presented by Harold Kirk. Villages also received a commemorative mug as a reminder of the day.


The final event for the afternoon was a Witch’s Cat being thrown from the Church Roof.  I am assured the cat was a stuffed toy!

The whole event was captured on camera by John Kirkpatrick and Sally Schrieber.


Later in the evening a Golden Themed Party and disco was held in the village hall.  All the tables had decorations of golden flowers provided by Betty Tillson.  Villages brought along their own food and drinks.


As a lasting tribute to the day the front of the Village Hall was paved, a Jubilee Bench was commissioned with ‘ Glatton 2002’ designed into the metalwork and the area was planted up with golden foliage shrubs, all of which are still in place and are a reminder of a marvellous day.


Thanks go to: Lynette Prain, Annie Attewell, and Heather Mayston for their invaluable input and to  John Kirkpatrick and Sally Schrieber for use of their photographs

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