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Saturday Freighters - Garden Waste Disposal Information.


With the garden waste subscription going live, there are range of community initiatives that are available to residents if they do not subscribe. Full details about all the initiatives can be found on the HDC website here Garden Waste Community Initiatives -

  • Free compost available to residents

  • Community compost schemes

  • Subsidised home composters – details about the exclusive offer available for Huntingdonshire residents

  • Land management bins – a scheme where a member of the Parish council can request a free garden waste bin for a resident in their community that maintains an area of HDC owned amenity land Allocation for land management request (

  • Shared bins – a personal arrangements between residents where one person is the named householder responsible for the bin but others can use it

  • Assisted bin collections – a scheme for all bin collections, where people who are unable take their bins to the roadside can request for it to be accessed from their property, emptied and returned

  • Household recycling centres – details about locations in the District

  • Free freighter service – pre-checked locations across the District where residents can take their garden waste for removal. Only available for 6 months [please see attached leaflet for further details]

  • For parishes not eligible for freighters – details about an offer of up to 10 free community bins for Parish Councils to make available to local residents [standard terms and conditions apply Garden Waste Subscription Service Terms and Conditions -]


For all enquiries please call the Green bins direct number on 01480 388584 or email


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