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Village Hall

Village hall opening 1952.jpg
Village Hall Opening .2.jpg

The current village hall is a converted Nissen Hut, originally constructed at Royal Air Force Glatton around 1943 and used by the United States Air The building used as Glatton’s Village Hall would have been re-roofed when it was erected in situ at Glatton because the original corrugated tin roof was replaced with asbestos cement sheets. It is almost certain that new bricks were used to form the end walls and the half walls along its length. The windows, being double glazed units, were also new features and part of the building “modification”. It is safe to say that the semi-circular steel frame and traversing braces are the only features that remain from the original building.

The original Trustees of the Village Hall had the vision to create a facility for the benefit of the Glatton community and the Village Hall was formally opened on 24th May 1952. Their legacy has served this Parish extremely well for the last 70+ years

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